The Company

Located near Montreal, GTT techno textiles Inc. is a textiles negotiator who supplies highly specialized fabrics and garments to the outdoor and ski industry since 1999.

Our mandate

Seek personalized products to suit your needs at the very best quality/price ratio.

Our expertise

The GTT staff offers more than 30 years of experience in technical and high performance fabrics as well as manufacturing of performance garments. On top of it all, the expertise of our quality asian manufacturing partners ensures that construction and pricing of your products are perfectly adapted to your needs.


GTT actively travels to Asia in order to keep up with evolving technologies and remain proactive with its customers. Our team is present at numerous national and international Trade Shows to focus on the latest trends and styles on the market place.


Yearly, we are proud to offer new fabric developments from our textiles specialists - it is by such constant renewal of innovative and functional techniques and materials that GTT remains the #1 reference for their customers.

We also offer a complete turnkey service where our design team proposes to handle your entire production process, from product development to specialized fabric purchase, to the final delivery of imported garment at your door.